What material is right for you? 


Durable, Hard, Semi Heat Resistant. Great for prints that require some strength and endurance while easily sandable and painted. 


Biodegradable, Strong, with Low Shrinkage. All around Great material.

We offer infused PLA's such as titanium, wood, conductible, and others. Inquire for more information. 



FDA Food Safe, Strong and Greatest Elasticity of all Materials. Great for food and drink packaging solutions .

PETG Filament
NYLON Filament


Nylon has an excellent strength to flexibility ratio, high impact & heat resistance, & high tensile strength. Suitable for those looking to make flexible industrial parts, prosthetics, medical equipment and complex costumes.

HIPS Filament


elastic, high impact resistance, & easily dissolvable. Natural (translucent white) HIPS is FDA compliant for use in food & drug, processing and packaging applications. Suitable for housing and covers.

Choose the right material. 

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